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    Retracable dog leash 

    Rope:Flat rope
    Length :3M
    Body size:16*13*3CM
    Hook:zinc alloy
Directions for use for retracable dog leash:
The trendy leash features reflective sheeting on both sides of the leash handle, providing enhanced visibility and improved safety. The 16 ft  is retractable and considered best.

1) To operate: Hold the leash by the handle, not the leash tape/belt. The leash tape/belt will run in and out freely without sagging.

2)To stop leash: Press the brake button down firmly with your thumb. The brake will stay locked as long as the button is pressed.

3)To lock brake: Press the brake button down firmly and with your thumb push the lock forward. The leash will remain at a fixed length. It is recommended to use the permanent lock only when you want the dog to walk to heel.

4)To release brake lock: Press the brake button with your thumb; next, using your thumb, draw back the lock; then slowly release the brake button. Always use the enclosed safety collar in addition to your dog's collar.
Who can use this leash
This leash should be used by responsible people who have read and can follow all of these precautions. Anyone who uses this leash must be able to control the dog and watch the dog closely at all times to keep it from running off or wrapping anyone in the tape/belt. Keep out of reach of small children. 
Is this leash suitable for your dog?
Do not use this leash with a disobedient or uncontrollable dog, since they are more likely to wrap the tape/belt around people or to turn off at high speeds. Only use this leash with a dog that does not exceed the weight limit listed on the leash. Even small dogs can pull the leash hard enough to injure you, particularly because the length of the leash allows the dog to run and build up speed.
Consider where you will go
You can use the retractable leash anywhere you would normally go with your dog. However, the leash is designed to give your dog more freedom while on the leash. For example, if you go to the vet, groomer, or any crowded place, you can give your dog the additional freedom. You need to have the leash fully retracted and brake locked.

Use leash only as intended and follow the directions listed below:
1) Small dogs: up to 26 lbs (12 kg)
2) Medium dogs: up to 44 lbs (20 kg)
3) Large dogs: up to 110 lbs (50 kg)